Project Access of Durham County
P.O. Box 15339
407 Crutchfield St.
Durham, NC 27704

Phone: 919-470-7262
Fax: 919-479-1620

Project Access of Durham County (PADC) links people without health insurance into a local network of clinics, laboratories, pharmacies and hospitals that donate their efforts to help those in need.

PADC serves eligible low-income, uninsured Durham residents who have specialty medical care needs.

PADC enrolls members based on referrals from a primary care provider at Lincoln Community Health Center. PADC members benefit from consultations and procedures by health care providers, diagnostic services, ancillary services, hospital care, pharmacy services and prescription medications, and disease management and care coordination services.

ATTENTION PROVIDERS: Link to current formulary of medications available to PADC patients at Lincoln Pharmacy: Lincoln Pharmacy Formulary

The Health Equipment Loan Program (HELP) recycles donated durable medical equipment, restores the equipment, and loans it for reuse by any Durham County resident. Visit the website for more information.