PADC links eligible uninsured patients to needed specialty medical care, diagnostic services, ancillary services, hospital care, pharmacy services and prescription medications, and disease management and care coordination services.These services are provided at no charge to the patient through volunteer agreements with organizations that provide the needed services.

The program serves Durham city or county residents (residing in Durham for at least 6 months) who lack health insurance, and are not covered by Medicaid, NC Health Choice, or Medicare, whose household income is at or below 200% of federal poverty guidelines, and who attest that they lack sufficient assets (savings, stock, bonds, property, etc.) to pay for their health care expenses.

All participants must be current patients of Lincoln Community Health Center (or its satellite clinics). They must be established with a primary care provider at LCHC, must have visited with their LCHC primary care provider within 30 days of the referral request, and must follow up with their PCP for continuing, coordinated care.

PADC staff determines eligibility, provides education about benefits and responsibilities, and gives ID cards to enrolled patients.  Patients receive an ID card, which they agree to bring with them to clinic visits.

If you or your clinic is currently volunteering with Project Access of Durham County, thank you.  Please be sure to check our Patient Stories page to see the impact that you are having on people in your community.  Please also see the For Participating Providers page to see an overview of our procedures and guidelines. 

If you or your clinic is interested in volunteering with Project Access of Durham County, please see our How to Volunteer page. Thank you for your interest.

If you or your business provides ancillary medical services, medical supplies or equipment and you are interested in participating in Project Access of Durham County, please contact us.

Feel free to call with questions (919) 470-7262.