Specialty Care & Services

Durham community physicians have pledged to provide over 800 episodes of care each year, and Duke PDC physicians have pledged to provide over 2000 episodes of care. Duke University, Durham Regional and NC Specialty Hospitals have committed to provide hospital and ancillary support services. LabCorp, Spectrum Laboratory, Duke University Health System, Durham Radiology and Durham Diagnostic Imaging, and Skin Pathology Associates have committed to provide tests and diagnostics.

An episode of care is defined as treatment provided by a clinic to a patient for a particular problem, for up to 3 consecutive months (so may encompass one or several visits). PADC staff will track and monitor commitments.


PADC staff determines eligibility, provide education about benefits and responsibilities, and give ID cards to enrolled patients.  Patients remain eligible for one year, unless circumstances change that would make them ineligible or unless they fail to show up at three scheduled appointments without contacting the clinic 48 hours in advance of the visit.  Patients receive an ID card, which they agree to bring with them to clinic visits. 

Scheduling Appointments

A PADC staff person calls the specialty clinic to schedule an initial appointment for the PADC patient. PADC provides the appointment information to the patient and the patient's primary care physician. Specialty clinics handle re-schedules and follow-up appointments and provide information on no shows to PADC. If a specialty care physician recommends referral to another specialty clinic, that information must be communicated to the patient's primary care physician. 

To order labs or radiology tests, or to schedule surgery for a patient, please use patient's PADC ID number and clearly label as PADC patient.  If you work with a group or facility not listed below, please contact PADC office. 

  • LabCorp
  • Spectrum Laboratory
  • Skin Pathology Associates
  • Durham Radiology
  • Durham Diagnostic Imaging
  • Durham Regional Hospital
  • NC Specialty Hospital

Prescription Medications

Prescriptions for PADC patients may be filled by Lincoln pharmacy for $4 co-pay IF the prescription is on the pharmacy's formulary. The formulary is available through our website at www.projectaccessdurham.org. Some of the medications listed on the formulary are accessed through patient assistance programs of drug companies and may take up to 4-6 weeks to be dispensed.

Handling Medical Records

PADC does not handle any medical records. PADC provides appointment information to LCHC and medical records are exchanged between LCHC and specialty clinics.  Notes from the specialty consult are sent back to LCHC at fax # 919-956-3834.

Handling Medical Claims

Specialty clinics submit claims (HCFA 1500 and UB-92) to PADC, PO Box 52385, Mailstop 200, Durham, NC 27717-2885.  PADC claims are “denied” and labeled as charity care.

Care Coordination & Disease Management

LATCH (Local Access to Coordinated Healthcare), a program of Duke Community and Family Medicine, provides or arranges for interpretation and translation services, and education and support for managing chronic diseases.

PADC Staff

Our main offices are at the Health Services Center, Durham Regional Hospital, at the corner of Duke and Crutchfield Streets. One enrollment worker is stationed at Lincoln Community Health Center.

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